Family Law Mediation

atkins-law-group-mediation-350x233Family Law Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is required in generally all civil actions. Statistically,  over ninety percent (90%) of all divorces are settled by mediation. Mediation is a confidential process so that the parties may submit and consider options without the fear that those discussions would be used against them should the mediation fail and the case is litigated.

In facilitative mediation, I am a neutral third party, retained by both parties to provide assistance to help facilitate an agreement.  As a facilitative mediator, I do not represent either party nor can I give legal advice.

An evaluative mediation is recommended for parties who are not represented by attorneys and who do not have the knowledge to prepare documents.  In evaluative mediation, my role will be to provide ideas to help the parties work out a solution.  I will prepare documents based upon a flat fee schedule.  These include initial court filing documents, such as the confidential information and vital statistics forms and the Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation. Based upon the parties needs, I will also prepare the Parenting Plan, Child Support Order and parties income work sheets. Once completed, I will prepare the documents needed to finalize the case, such as a Property Settlement Agreement, CR2A,  Decree of Dissolution or Legal Separation and Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law.

Use of Experts. Experts may be needed, to valuate real estate, business, pensions, and or mental health professionals.

The mediation process most often is conducted with both parties present. It can however be conducted with parties in separate rooms.

The mediation fee is $250.00 per hour and an advanced fee is paid based upon the number of hours reserved. An adjusted fee may be made for low income family mediation.


Arbitration is an option in which the parties agree to submit their dispute to me for a decision on one or all of the issues in dispute. A couple of reasons to use arbitration is that you are able to obtain an expedited hearing and decision without the expense and time involved in going to court and the rules of evidence are more informal.

The Arbitration fee is $250.00 per hour. An advanced fee is determined by the number and complexity of the issues to be decided.

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